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Anti-sleep Driver Fatigue monitor with 2.5 Inch HDD Car GPS Mobile DVR Recorder For Vehicle Tracking,car DVR supplier

Anti-sleep Driver Fatigue monitor with 2.5 Inch HDD Car GPS Mobile DVR Recorder For Vehicle Tracking,car DVR supplier

Brand Name : QOHO

Model Number : QH-DF60

Certification : CE,FCC

Place of Origin : China

MOQ : 1pc(sample test)

Price : Negotiate

Payment Terms : T/T or West union

Supply Ability : 10000pcs/month

Delivery Time : Within 5-7 days after received payment

Packaging Details : 20pcs/CTN

Product : Driver Fatigue Monitor

Name : Anti-sleep Driver Fatigue

Working : Work with GPS and Monitor

Work method : Work with Mobile DVR to create alarm

Identify : Close eyes to alarm

Product Name : Driver Fatigue

Model : DF60

Patent : Own private model

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Anti-Sleep Alarm Driver Fatigue Monitor

When the driver drives long periods, especially if the body did not have enough rest before embarking on the trip, the effect begins to lose concentration, leading to the onset of drowsiness. At first, the driver may close his eyes for short intervals, until sleep wins altogether. Fatigue while driving can be caused by: drive long distances without stopping to rest, driving at night, after lunch, or times when your body wants to sleep, driving alone, driving on long, straight roads, frequently travel or a change in work shifts.

Fatigue Driving Warning
It monitors the driver's facial state, mouth and eyes in real time
Remind the driver to stop and rest when the driver is tired
It makes a serial urgent voice when the driver in the different tired
The urgent voice is increase alarm level according to different fatigue state

Careless Driving Warning
It continued to monitor the steering movement of driver’s head
Remind the driver Attention Road when the head continues to tilt one side
It makes a serial voice when the driver always glance right and left
This function helps more than half of drivers have a habit of careless driving


►It features concise, detecting driver fatigue state and remind driver careless driving
►The driver state detection precision, the accuracy of alarm is close to 99%
►The product is designed with a smooth appearance structure to protect the driver
►This product normal working conditions are not affected by external light source
►It can work in the vast majority of private cars, and adapt to most climatic conditions
►Easy to install in vehicle, it only need make the product look up to driver face

Product Technical parameters:

driver Fatigue monitor

driver Fatigue monitor

driver Fatigue monitor

Driver Fatigue

Driver Fatigue

Recommended installation position: above the instrument panel, the central position of the steering wheel
Installation distance: Max150cm (recommended distance: 45cm~150cm)
►Determine the installation location and remove foreign objects;
►Composite host and bracket;
►Open the bottom double-side adhesive sticker and paste in the right position of the bridge;
►Connect the power;
►Adjust the camera lens position so that it can effectively identify the driver's view.
In the case of navigation, connect the AV line to the host AV port and the navigation AV port and adjust according to the driver's face that appears in the navigation screen

Fatigue Driving Warning

It monitors the driver's facial state, mouth and eyes in real time;

Remind the driver to stop and rest when the driver is tired;

t makes a serial urgent voice when the driver in the different tired;

he urgent voice is increase alarm level according to different fatigue state;

Careless Driving Warning:

It continued to monitor the steering movement of driver’s head;

Remind the driver Attention Road when the head continues to tilt one side;

It makes a serial voice when the driver always glance right and left;

This function helps more than half of drivers have a habit of careless driving.

VideoSensor1/3“ CMOS 940nm IR sensor
Effective PixelsCVBS 700TVL (PAL:720×576; NTSC:720×480)
Signal StandardVoltage:1.0Vp-p, Input / Output Impedance: 75Ω
Video StandardPAL Mode, NTSC Mode, Before factory selected
Image Transfer Rate25 Frame / Sec PAL, 30 Frame / Sec NTSC
Low Light Sensitivitybest-in-class of 4500 mV / Lux-Sec
Infrared LED940nm far-infrared invisible light
View AngleHorizontal 60degree, Vertical 30degree
Warning and RemindingSystem BaseVehicle start displacement / Vehicle launch by the engine start
Fatigue Driving WarningA series alert sound, A series alert whistles, A series alert bell
Careless Driving WarningA series alert sound, A series alert whistles
Indicator LightMiddle LED On RedThe left Red LED on when there have detected the driver
Middle LED On GreenThe right Green LED on when BF-CB1 have calibrated of driver face success
InterfacePowerDC 12V, Protect the vehicle battery, Max power requirements: 4.0 Watt
VideoAviation interface, Voltage:1.0Vp-p, Input / Output Impedance:75 Ω
AudioAviation interface, Voltage:2.0Vp-p, Input / Output Impedance:4.7KΩ / 1.0 KΩ
Serial Port1Ch RS232, The baud rate is 20Kbps, +3~+15V is 0, -3~-15V is 1
Alarm I/O output1Ch RS232 conversions Alarm I/O output
InstallationInstallation SiteAbove the instrument panel, the central position of the steering wheel
Installation DistanceMax75cm (The recommended range is 45~75cm)
Working DistanceFrom camera to driver face distance best is 45cm~75cm
Size & WeightMainframe SizeL×W×H: 55×102×58 mm
Package SizeL×W×H: 100×150×80 mm
Mainframe Weight180g
Package Weight550g



Chinese/ English/Hungary

Operation system


Operation interface

Graphical User interface(OSD menu)


User /Admin password

Control mode

IR remote control


Video input

4-ch video composite input

Video output

1-ch composite output

Display mode

Single/ 4-ch video

Video compression

H.264 Main profile

PAL:100f at D1/s, NTSC: 120f at D1/s

Video Signal



Audio input

4-ch audio input

Audio output

1-ch audio output

Recording mode

Audio & Video sync Recording


Support IP call and analog voice call

Image processing & storage

Image format mode

CIF/HD1/D1/720P optional

Video stream Standard


Video bitrate

CIF: 1536Kbps ~ 128Kbps,4 levels optional. 

Highest:0 level; Lowest: 3 level

HD1: 2048Kbps ~ 512Kbps,4 levels optional. 

Highest:0 level; Lowest: 3 level

D1: 4Mbps ~ 1Mbps,4 levels optional. 

Highest:0 level; Lowest: 3 level

Audio Bitrate



Built-in a SATA HDD, support HDD Max 2TB;

And built-in a SD card, Support SD card Max 128GB;


Alarm input

8 alarm input, below 4V is low level alarm, above 4V are high level alarm

Alarm output

2 alarm output, output high level:12V

Communication Interface

RS485 Interface

Support 3-RS485 interface

RS232 Interface

Support 1-RS232 interface

WIFI Interface

Support RJ45 interface external 802.11b/g

USB interface

Include 2 USB interfaces,1 USB interface connect with external Vehicle Black data

box,another USB interface to upgrade software and copy data.

Audio&Video interface

Support Audio and Video output

Acceleration Sensor

Built in acceleration G-Sensor



GPS module. GPS Graph and GPS speed can be read in coding

flow, and can be uploaded via wireless




RJ45 interface external WIFI, IEEE802.11n, Up to 300 Mbps physical data

transfer speed, satisfy huge data Transmission;


PAS(Playback Analysis Software)

Playback Recording on PC, and analyze the vehicle recording information.

CMS(Center Management Software)

Center management software to meet Video preview, upload and central command and parameters configuration, etc.

Software upgrade

U-disk upgrade directly.

MDVR solution


Playback all video file and GPS tracking(Playback Analysis Software).

CMS platform

Q: What can I do when I found a problem with the product, but I can not solve it by myself?
A: Take note of the model and software version number, then submit a detailed description of the problem to the technical supporting engineers to analyze; the more detailed you have submitted, the more convenient for us to analysize.
Q: How about when there is no video output from the vehicle host device?
A: 1.Check the host’s turn-on status, if only a blue light on, it means the host is in standby status and has not been started up yet, meanwhile check whether the host’s power cords red & yellow cords are in power supply status or not, if only one cord is supplying power, the device is unable to start up.
2.Check the power supply status of display screen, as well as check whether the display video has been switched to AV status.
3 Check the connecting status between the host’s video output cable and display screen.
4 check whether the lock status of the host’s LOCK, it must be locked before normal starting up.
Q: How to do when the car host video input interface is different from the camera output interface?
A: The car uses 4PIN type while camera uses BNC or aviation head type, if not in correspondence, please use conversion head for connection or wiring based on standard corresponding according to the cable sequence defined by the car host.
Q: How to do when the device does not conduct video recording after it is turned on and SD card has already been installed?
A: 1.Check whether the SD card has been formatted or not after installation, because unformatted SD card cannot be used. Enter System Menu - System Tools - Device Format to format the newly installed SD card;
2. Check to see whether video channel is closed or not, whether set a timer recording or not, it will not take video when it is not within the video recording time period.
3.Check the SD card inserting status and whether the SD light on front panel is on or not.
Q: The video file is missing or there is no video file within a certain period of time, how to do?
A: 1. Determine the time period by analyzing the final video file before missing and the first video file after recovery.
2. Confirm whether the host is not on during that period of time, such as when the driver halfway parking, loading and unloading goods while the host is not set by video delay.
Q: When car PTZ cannot be controlled, it cannot rotate up and down, how to do?
A: Check whether PTZ protocols and baud rate are set correct, address codes are corresponding or not, whether have selected to maximize the video of the channel when control the PTZ, for example, when control the second channel, it must maximize the screen of the second channel image to control it.GPS-related issues
Q: GPS module exists but no coordinate information?
A: 1.Check whether GPS module exists, if it does not exist, check whether the hardware is installed or in a good contact.
2.Make sure that the GPS antenna contacts are good, whether the antenna is broken, it is recommended to be located in places with strong signal, note that some car glass shielding film will block GPS signals;
3 If the test is in the room, the signal of GPS antenna in the room will be obscured, it is recommended that the GPS antenna is placed outdoor.
Q: Deviation of GPS location on map?
A: It means the signal is valid if the GPS module already positioned, there may many reasons for the deviation, such as government restrictions, permissible error, GPS signal interruption, etc; the actual satellite map may have deviation for security reasons, general map can solve the problem by using GPS correction.3G wireless module
Q: If use the 3G wireless module for dial-up, what do I need to pay attention to?
A: 1. Choose the built-in wireless module WCDMA or EVDO, corresponding module settings are not the same, the modules supported by different machines models are not the same, so please make sure whether your module and SIM is in correspondence. Do not use telecom SIM card on WCDMA machine;
2.Check whether the settings of Server IP and port are correct, whether 3G signal is strong enough for dialing, and then check whether the 3G dial-up is successful or not.
3. When dialing is unsuccessful, please check 3G antenna is in good contact or not, the dial up may fail because of weak signal, moreover, please check whether the SIM card has enough traffic, if no traffic, dial-up will be unsuccessful.
Q: When 3G has neither report nor video , what should be done first?
A: Press INFO key to enter the system information page, check whether the SIM card exists and view the signal strength as well as dial-up status, whether the antenna is in good contact, and then check the SIM to see whether it is out of traffic, the most basic judgment is to replace the SIM card. If the dial up failed with signal, then check whether the settings of center number and the port are correct. Moreover check whether the device number of the product is already occupied.
Q: 3G signal is intermittent, video is jammed?
A: At present the signal coverage of WCDMA and EVDO is rather wide, however, there are some mountainous districts without signal coverage, and some suburban areas have weak signal due to the local network constraints, then it will be jammed during watching of video, or video cannot be watched at all, the greatest impact of this situation is from the local network; Moreover check whether the frame rate setting of sub-stream is too high, because the video may also occur such situation when the network is poor and frame rate setting is high.
Q: Why the vehicle and video cannot be seen in CMSviewer client when the device has been started?
A: At first make sure the central registration server is switched on and on the net, then check whether the host device number has been occupied to cause conflict, secondly check whether the settings of server-centric IP and port are correct; devices report to the center via the built-in 3G module or via WIFI. If via built-in 3G, please check whether selected the correct type of built-in 3G module, for example, WCDMA and EVDO module needs the support from corresponding SIM card, check whether the antenna is in good contact; If it still can not report when above all are checked, enter into the system information page to view dial-up. If dial-up is not successful, look up whether the setting of data access point and center number is correct. If all ultimately fail, please collect as much information as possible to submit to the technical supporting staff for analysis, the more data provided, the more convenient for technicians to solve the problem.
Q: The device is online, but why can I not see the video image?
A: Please set lower sub-stream to transmit image, the blocked or slow transmission speed situation may occur when the sub-stream frame rate is set very high and be affected by network uploading limit; poor network signal or intermittent will seriously affect the video transmission.
Q: The device is properly reported on CMSviewer, but the videos cannot be seen after using for some time?
A: Firstly check whether the host side displays dialing, if it keeps the dialing status, it may be because the flow of the SIM card has run out, replace the SIM card to test; Secondly query whether the host device number has been modified by the driver, the host with modified device number needs to be resubmitted to add vehicle information; thirdly, if it still does not work by changing the card, it will need to check whether the host’s 3G module fails.
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China Anti-sleep Driver Fatigue monitor with 2.5 Inch HDD Car GPS Mobile DVR Recorder For Vehicle Tracking,car DVR supplier wholesale

Anti-sleep Driver Fatigue monitor with 2.5 Inch HDD Car GPS Mobile DVR Recorder For Vehicle Tracking,car DVR supplier Images

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